Our B. Pharm. program are to produce Pharmacists with the required skills, knowledge and motivation to provide pharmaceutical services. The skills of our graduates are sufficient to compete with other pharmacist all over the world. These are in line with the objectives of the Pharmacists’ Council of Nigeria


  1. Instil in the students a sense of appreciation of the Pharmacy profession and involve them in intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and study.
  2. Instill in the student the dynamic value of the Pharmacy profession, which makes life long learning a necessity.
  3. Develop in the student the ability to apply Pharmaceutical knowledge in Health Care Delivery System.
  4. Provide to the student a broad and balanced foundation in all areas of Pharmaceutical knowledge.
  5. Provide students with Pharmaceutical knowledge and skills to identify and solve drug related problems. The knowledge includes Human and Veterinary related drug therapeutic problems.
  6. Provide students with adequate knowledge and appropriate skills from which they can proceed to acquire more knowledge in specialised areas of Pharmacy.