Brief History of the Department

The Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics started as department of pharmacy and pharmacology under the faculty of science and later became department of pharmacology and clinical pharmacy.

The department offers courses to undergraduate students from the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences (B.Pharm.) where it is housed as well as the faculty of medicine (MBBS, BSc Anatomy, BSc Physiology, Nursing Sciences). The department also offers postgraduate training in pharmacology at both MSc and PhD level. A new programme (PGD Pharmacology) is in the offing.

The past heads of Departments were Prof. Gabriel Osuide (1971 - 1981), Dr. Charles Wambebe (1981 -1989), Dr. Adedeji A. Odutola (1994 - 2003), Dr. Bilkisu Bello Maiha (2005-2010) and Dr Nuhu Muhammad Danjuma(2010-2013) Dr. Zezi Abdulkadir Umar, (2013 - 2015).